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Featuring Allsize Company Clothing

Allsize Company is currently the top leading supplier for big and tall clothing in Europe and we are pleased to now have a select line of their products on our site. We carry all 3 of their product lines - North 56°4 for men wanting both details and functionality in what they're wearing, Replika Jeans for those who want to express attitude and are not bound to the status quo, and North 56°4 Sport for men who love sports and nature so they want their clothing basic and practical. Let's take a brief look at how Allsize Company came about.

History of Allsize Company

Allsize Company started in 1998 where the realization that bigger sized clothing was needed for some men. From there, an increase in sales in the Scandinavian market made way to the decision to start designing and producing their own real clothing line. Since the beginning, they have worked on taking Allsize Company around the globe through the International Copenhagen Fashion Fair and now Allsize Company is sold in more than 25 countries around the world.

Allsize Company's Mission and Concept

They claim their success is due to their mission, "Allsize Company shall give the great and tall man the same frames of possibilities within clothing, as if he had been of ordinary size." They have expanded their mission into 3 corner stone concepts which are the foundation of their clothing line. The first is "Fashion For Great Men", in which they claim to produce fashionable clothing collections which courageously take the plunge on new styles and inclinations. The second is "No Limitations Our Mission", which is to give big and tall men the same wardrobe opportunities as if he were regular size. Lastly, their clothing spans "Three Lifestyles", which cover a vast range of styles and fashion for men in every area and occasion they may dress. Consequently, they sell 3 collections of men's big and tall sized clothing - North 56°4, Replika Jeans CPH and North 56°4 Sport.

Take a look at the Allsize Company clothing we have brought in on our site and let us know if there's something missing you'd like to see in stock. We are striving to make The Big and Tall Store your go-to online shopping store for all your big and tall men clothing needs. We want great and tall men, in Canada, looking and feeling their best so that's why keep expanding our clothing lines. We continue to aim to ship our products the same day you order so give some Allsize Company clothing at try and don't forget to let us know what you think of it.