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Finding Just the Right Length

It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to find clothing that is long enough to fit if you have a long torso. Yanking on wet clothes every time they come out of the wash, trying to make them stretch in order to be long enough, is time consuming and takes a lot of effort for very little gain. Then, you can't put the clothes in the dryer because heaven forbid they should shrink and you'd be stuck at square one all over again. There's got to be a better answer to finding clothing that properly fits men with long torsos.

If you're tall or have a long torso perhaps it's time to stop trying to make your clothing stretch and shop for men's outerwear and apparel that is guaranteed to fit. Finding just the right length in menswear means you should be wearing clothing that has been designed with long torsos in mind. Wearing long torso apparel means no more pulling and stretching your clothes making them look worn, stretched, cheap and ruined. Apparel for tall men that has sizing XLT and up means that the length of your t-shirt or jacket is no longer an issue. XLT men's clothing is extra long but does not necessarily mean the clothing is designed for big or heavy set men. After wearing and washing XLT clothing it is sure to still fit.

At The Big and Tall Store we have a selection of casual and dress shirts, outerwear and undershirts that are high quality and available in sizes XLT to 5XLT. We carry the best clothing lines and have a good selection of menswear for men with long torsos. Our prices are competitive and we have great customer service, fast shipping and a 100% safe and secure checkout. We will be expanding our lines and styles so there's more to come soon. Please continue to browse our selection and let us know if there's something you wished we had on one our product pages and we'll try to our best to make it available. We are pleased to be serving customers online with clothing that fits right and is long enough so you can look and feel your best.